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Under the premise of complying with the traffic regulations of different countries and regions of the destination market,and on the basis of satisfying diversified requirements, we provide corresponding E- vehicles through the distribuilders or C-end users.
Classic electric bicycles: electric-assisted vehicles developed on the basis of the original various city bicycles, mountain bicycles, recreational vehicles, folding vehicles, etc. For example , there are some models which meet the European EN15194 standrd;the fat-tire models for heavier North American consumers; and other models suit for commuting, leisure, fitness and other usage scenarios.
New Electric Bike (China Standard): Suitable for most of Asia, combines the comfort of an electric scooter and retains the riding function.
This model electric bike speed is kept below 30km/h. The E-bike is suitable for daily life scenarios such as commuting ,shopping and etc.
Electric Moped:according to the regulations of different countries and regions, the speed of this electric moped speed does not exceed 45km/h or 50km/h, and the mileage is 60-100km.Some countries require vehicle certification,some countries require E-MARK certification of electric vehicle parts.Different appearance models are suitable for users of different genders and ages.
Electric Motorcycle:according to the regulations of different countries and regions, the speed of this electric motorcycle speed is exceed 45km/h or 50km/h, and the mileage Iis exceed 80km. Most countries need to certify the whole vehicle, refer to the EEC standard. According to different speeds, the testing standards and methods will be different, such as L1e, L3e of (EU) R168-2013 standard; some parts require E-MARK certification.This electric motorcycle usually used for commuting, leisure, and part of the B-end (such as patrol, rental, takeaway and other industries).





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