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Large electric three-wheeled express delivery vehicle: using a large-sized three-wheeled vehicle as transport tool, it's generally use lead acid battery with 30-45Kkm/h speed , mileage reaches 100km.
Commodity delivery commonly used for online shopping
Small two wheel electric express vehicle; using 2-wheels electric motorcycle with rear box. It's speed is exceed 60km/h, it matched lithium battery combine SWAP mode. Usually delivery the documents or small but valuable goods in city centre.
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Take away e-vehicles:Based on the number of restaurants and consumers in the service area, the estimated mileage of each delivery rider, the number of takeaways, the concentration, and the required speed factors are divided into short-distance but large number, and Remote but few in number, using different vehicles.There are two types of takeaway E-vehicles: service providers and riders self-purchasing.
Self-owned delivery vehicles of catering chain service companies: those operated by catering companies, such as KFC, PizzaHut; service providers: such as Dingdong.
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Driver: This is after helping the driver who cannot drive the vehicle, especially the drunk driver, to drive the vehicle back to the destination. The driver uses this type of folding E- vehicle or E-scooter to run and back. This kind of E-vehicle to be purpose of the miniaturization for easily put into the car.





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