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Social Responsibility

As a responsible enterprise, Luyuan provides high-quality electric vehicles for billions of families. At the same time, it never forgets its social responsibility and contributes to social development with practical actions. Pay tribute to everyone who has contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Fight against the epidemic side by side and keep "Shanghai" safe.
Keep "Shanghai" safe! Luyuan donated E-vehicles and living materials to Shanghai. 26-04-2022
At present, Shanghai is facing a severe challenge since the outbreak of the COVID-19, which also affects the hearts of the people all over the country. The city is blocked down, the traffic is stopped, and some Shanghai residents under locked down at home are in short supply of daily necessities.
As a responsible national enterprise, we responded immediately and developed an assistance plan.
In order to help the prevention and control of the epidemic in Shanghai, Luyuan immediately set up a special team for epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai. The team urgently raised and allocated living materials, solved transportation problems, and actively responded to the epidemic.
On April 13, a large truck full of E-vehicles and living materials was sent from Jinhua, Zhejiang to Shanghai. These materials were donated by Luyuan Group.
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The next day, Luyuan E-vehicles and living material arrived at the designation in Shanghai, and would be distributed to the departments in need as soon as possible under the centralized command of the Jing'an District Medical Trade Union and Shanghai Charity Foundation.
Knowing that many public transports in Shanghai are out of service, this situation has caused great difficulties for medical staff fighting on the front line and some mobility individuals who need to go out.

As an E-vehicle manufacturer, Luyuan donated a batch of new national standard electric vehicles to Shanghai Jing'an District Health and Health Commission to support Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control work.
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Electric vehicles with characteristics of convenience and rapidity, especially in the prevention of cross infection.The air is smooth and can achieve the effect of " one person, one vehicle ". It provides irreplaceable help for the flexible travel of medical staff.
The batch of new national standard electric vehicles donated by Luyuan will greatly improve the travel efficiency of epidemic prevention personnel and medical staff, and provide greater convenience for timely handling of epidemic work and delivery of epidemic prevention related materials.
In this epidemic defense battle, the shortage of materials has also become a prominent problem. In order to solve the problem of lack of living materials, Luyuan also actively prepared rice noodles, instant noodles, ham sausage, bacon, dry goods, non-staple food and other easy-to-store materials, which were shipped to Shanghai as soon as possible and donated to the Shanghai Charity Federation. Thousands of sets of anti-epidemic materials have helped Shanghai residents overcome difficulties.





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