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LUYUAN Electric Vehicle appeared at the exhibition Asiabike and shone on the international stage!

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The first Asiabike was held in Jakarta, Indonesia from April 30 to May 4, 2024. LUYUAN Electric Vehicle brought core technology and self-developed products that represented Chinese intelligent manufacturing on the international stage and received the most applause from the global industry and users.


Shine on the international stage with leading technology

To conquer overseas markets with durable quality

Recently, Southeast Asian countries have introduced electric vehicle purchase subsidy policies to speed up the 'oil to electricity' process. According to data, the Southeast Asian market has annual sales of 47 million electric motorcycles in alternative space, becoming another virtual growth market in electric two-wheelers. It is worth noting that the quality orientation is the foundation of the foray into Southeast Asia. Electric vehicles are the significant means of transportation in Southeast Asia, and consumers' use expectations are generally over 8 years. To obtain the great opportunity of 'oil to electricity', we must change from consumable to durable, and complete the quality upgrading.


LUYUAN Electric Vehicle of S90, S70, MYC, and other self-develop explosive products, which appeared in the Indonesian Asiabike exhibition, are the latest results of their quality upgrade, equipped with a series of innovative technologies such as liquid-cooled and solid-state electrical systems, significantly improving the performance and quality of electric vehicles, and establishing a unique quality advantage of a bike riding for a decade.

In particular, the application of liquid-cooled technology fundamentally solves the electric vehicle industry problems such as the endurance recession caused by the heating of electric vehicles, effectively changing the substantial attenuation of the first generation of electric vehicles in terms of endurance, power, and other performance, and upgrades the consumable attributes of the first generation of electric vehicles to the durable goods attributes of the second generation.

With leading technology and high-quality products, the LUYUAN Electric Vehicle has become the most popular Superstar in the Asiabike exhibition, and the dealers who consult and negotiate are in an endless stream. LUYUAN Electric Vehicle has successfully polished the smart business card of China on the international stage.


Take the lead in seizing the Southeast Asian market opportunities

LUYUAN Electric Vehicle accelerates the pace of brand globalization


The Asiabike in the Indonesian two-wheelers exhibition, a domestic electric vehicle well-known brands collecting, behind the overseas popular trend in the electric vehicle industry in the Southeast Asian market is ushering in unprecedented development opportunities.

Beginning in 2023, Southeast Asian countries have increased their electrification policies, Indonesia and Thailand have decided to provide subsidies equivalent to more than 3,000 yuan per electric motorcycle, driven by the policy, electric motorcycles are becoming more and more popular in Southeast Asia.

LUYUAN Electric Vehicle with a keen market sense has taken a great step in the development of the Southeast Asian market. In 2023, LUYUAN Electric Vehicle was dressed up at the Inabike exhibition in Indonesia and Motor Expo in Thailand and was praised by international customers. LUYUAN Electric Motorcycle S90 keeps the peak all year round. In addition to participating in international events, in 2023, LUYUAN Electric Vehicle also cooperated with the well-known local brand Davigo in Indonesia to promote overseas localization; And with local partners in Thailand officially launched the marketing plan and Thailand factory construction, through the layout of Southeast Asia capacity, enhance the competitiveness in the local market.

In 2024, the popularity of Indonesia's Asiabike not only validates the best-selling of Lvyuan second-generation electric vehicles in the global market but also accelerates the pace of LUYUAN Electric Vehicle’s global layout.

The second generation of Luyuan electric vehicle sold well worldwide

Create a new model for China's intelligent manufacturing overseas

Shine in the Indonesian two-wheeler exhibition, is the vivid epitome of LUYUAN Electric Vehicle's leading technology to win the global competition.

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As early as 1998, LUYUAN Electric Vehicle appeared at the China Import And Export Fair, it became the first electric vehicle brand to participate in the international foreign trade exhibition, and since then it has not only frequently landed in Germany, Italy and other international well-known exhibitions, but also took the lead in establishing friendly cooperative relations with Indonesia, Thailand and other multinational enterprises, further increasing the strength influence of LUYUAN Electric Vehicle in the international market.

Today, LUYUAN Electric Vehicle has already achieved market coverage in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. In other words, LUYUAN Electric Vehicle keeps 

pace with domestic and foreign markets is leading the new trend of global electric vehicle consumption.

Driven by the global 'dual carbon' the conversion of travel tools from oil to electricity has become an inevitable trend. LUYUAN Electric Vehicle gained an international market reputation for its leading technology, which has become a significant window for overseas consumers to understand 'China's eco-friendly travel plan' and provides direction guidance for China's intelligent manufacturing to explore overseas markets.


As a pioneer of 'new quality productivity' in the two-wheeler industry, LUYUAN Electric Vehicle has achieved a comprehensive improvement in product power through a breakthrough in the core technology of electric vehicles, thus building a competitive advantage in the global market. LUYUAN Electric Vehicle's successful appearance of Asiabike in Indonesia once again leads the new trend of global green travel setting a high-quality benchmark for the whole industry of overseas business. We also expect LUYUAN Electric Vehicle to continue creating higher quality travel products for global users so that the 'second-generation electric vehicles' from China can be well-known around the world!





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