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LUYUAN's oversea project

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After more than 20 years of continuous growth, the domestic electric vehicle market has become increasingly saturated, and stock competition has become an indisputable fact. Fierce market competition, downward product profits, coupled with the increasing improvement of national channels, more forward-looking head brands have set their sights on a broader global market. As a veteran brand in the electric vehicle industry, with its strong technical background, Luyuan has not only ushered in the rapid growth of the domestic market, but also made it an industry example again.


luyuan in indonesia INBIKE

On May 24, the 2023 INBIKE ("Indonesia Exhibition") opened at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO), Indonesia. Luyuan brought a full range of liquid-cooled electric vehicle products, including the 100-kilometer liquid-cooled all-round flagship S70, which was just launched in March, and many cutting-edge technologies represented by liquid-cooled technology to the Indonesia exhibition, which once again won unanimous praise from many visitors.

As low-carbon development becomes a global consensus, the electrification of transportation has become an irreversible and inevitable trend, especially in recent years, governments represented by Europe, North America and other places have successively introduced relevant policies, which has accelerated the early arrival of this trend. According to statistics, globally, dozens of countries and local governments such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Thailand, and Indonesia have given different degrees of subsidies to electric two-wheelers.

Among them, Indonesia, one of the world's largest two-wheeled motorcycle markets, launched an incentive program for electric motorcycles in March this year, and it is expected that nearly 200,000 electric motorcycles will enjoy subsidies of IDR 7 million (about 3,165 yuan) per vehicle and enjoy tax reduction measures. It is reported that by 2025, 1.76 million electric two-wheelers will be on the road in Indonesia. The vast global market may bring tens of millions of incremental space to China's electric vehicle industry, and it can be said that whoever can take the lead in going out will seize the market opportunity.


market research of E-BIKE

According to ResearchandMarkets, the global market size of two-wheeled electric vehicles will increase from $49.7 billion in 2022 to $80.6 billion by 2027, with an average compound annual growth rate of 10.2%. This is also the deep reason why the head electric vehicle brands represented by Luyuan have accelerated their global layout.

Luyuan's road to globalization can be called a model for China's electric vehicle industry. It is understood that as early as 1998, Lvyuan, which appeared at the Canton Fair, became the first electric vehicle brand to participate in international foreign trade exhibitions, and since then it has not only frequently landed in internationally renowned exhibitions such as Germany and Italy, but also taken the lead in establishing friendly cooperative relations with multinational enterprises such as Japan, Indonesia and Thailand, further opening up the strong influence of Lvyuan in the international market. Today's Luyuan has already achieved market coverage in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. As the technology leader of China's electric vehicle industry, it has now become a world-class business card of China's electric vehicle industry.

At this Indonesia exhibition, Luyuan liquid-cooled technology and liquid-cooled electric vehicle series represented by S70 not only became the focus of the exhibition again, but also gained high recognition from the local market and achieved a number of cooperation intentions.

In 2010, the birth of Luyuan liquid-cooled electric vehicles not only set off a new round of changes in the electric vehicle industry from "consumables" to "durable goods", but also created a new durable track for the electric vehicle industry with its own efforts. Luyuan, which announced the "ALL IN liquid cooling" strategy this year, not only further implements the quality commitment of "one bike rides for 10 years" of Luyuan liquid-cooled electric vehicles, but also takes the lead in putting forward the grand idea of "building a 100-billion-level durable electric vehicle industrial belt".

Luyuan's super confidence comes from the creation and continuous iteration of liquid cooling technology. It is understood that Luyuan liquid cooling technology not only solves the problem of "high-temperature demagnetization" of motors that have plagued the electric vehicle industry for many years, but also realizes the significant improvement of electric vehicle endurance, and has also achieved full coverage of electric vehicle product categories and the full application of Luyuan electric vehicle products. This liquid cooling technology, which has won the national "Science and Technology Progress Award" for many times and is highly recognized by the international authority Sullivan, is becoming a key technology leading the high profit of the electric vehicle industry.


LUYUAN at exhibition

At the same time, Luyuan liquid-cooled electric vehicles are becoming a new choice for global electric vehicle users with strong product strength. According to Sullivan's statistics, in just three years, the global sales of Luyuan electric vehicles equipped with liquid-cooled motors have exceeded 8 million units, which shows the popularity of Luyuan liquid-cooled electric vehicles in the market. The rapid popularity of Luyuan liquid-cooled electric vehicles has not only brought about an increase in sales, but also a change in users' consumption concept of durable electric vehicles.

It can be said that the green source of domestic and foreign markets is leading the new trend of global electric vehicle consumption. In the future, Luyuan liquid-cooled electric vehicles will have great prospects!


The popularity of the Indonesia exhibition will not only verify the best-selling of Luyuan liquid-cooled electric vehicles in the global market, but also accelerate the pace of Luyuan's global layout. As the backbone of leading the electric vehicle industry, the mastery of the durable core technology of electric vehicles will surely enhance the competitive advantage of Luyuan in the global market, and the rapid growth of the domestic market and the future of the global market will also accelerate the re-outbreak of Luyuan.





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