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Luyuan Testing Center, 1402 strict tests

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Luyuan testing center was officially established in 2008, with motor controller laboratory, lithium battery performance laboratory, fire and flame retardant laboratory, waterproof laboratory, chassis dynamometer laboratory, optical test laboratory, three-dimensional standard measurement laboratory, etc. It can rigorously test 211 major items and 1191 minor items of electric vehicles, covering all electrical components, mechanical components, metal surface protection, paint aging, waterproof and dustproof grade, vehicle performance and other items of electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric mopeds. And passed CNAS certification in 2019, and the detection level reached the international level.


Five-star after-sales worry-free service

Deeply aware of the importance of service, Luyuan is also deeply engaged in the field of service while doing a good job in technology and products.                                

With the high-quality services represented by 24-hour road rescue and 20 free services, Luyuan has passed the five-star after-sales service and five-star service reputation certification, becoming the first "double five-star service" brand in the electric vehicle industry. Today, Luyuan is still an after-sales model that other brands are competing to imitate, and continues to lead the development direction of industry services.   

In the future, taking the opportunity of "made in Zhejiang", Luyuan will continue to focus on the high-quality development of the electric vehicle industry, take consumption upgrading as the main direction of research, continuously improve the scientific and technological content, continuously improve the product quality, continuously improve the service system, and continue to provide consumers with cost-effective products and services.





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