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Luyuan received unanimous praise after at all levels Leaders visited Guangxi Intelligent manufacturing base

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6th of November, Liu Ning, Secretary of the Party committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, visited Luyuan (Guigang) intelligent base in Guangxi. We had a detailed understanding of the construction of "China -ASEAN electric vehicle production base" in Guigang and the development of new energy electric vehicle industry, and Mr Liu stressed Luyuan need to make full use of the unique advantages of ASEAN market, improve product quality and promote the sustainable development of energy conservation and environmental protection of new energy electric vehicle industry.

As a new footnote of Lvyuan's "233 strategy" leading the comprehensive attack of the terminal market with quality, the completion and start-up of Luyuan ( Guigang) intelligent manufacturing base in Guangxi marks the arrival of a new era of leapfrog development of Lvyuan. Next step, Luyuan will be based in Guangxi, advance into ASEAN, go to the world, and form an all-round market radiation to southern China and Southeast Asian countries from point to area!

Guigang base through the industry-leading automatic production line and AGV intelligent material distribution robot system, they  can realize the highly automatic and intelligent production of key processes such as frame manufacturing and motor assembly, ensure the reliability and stability of products in terms of hardware, and set a benchmark for practicing the concept of green production and establishing an environment-friendly enterprise. At the same time, relying on the MES system, Guigang base will also realize the real-time acquisition and analysis of production data and the interconnection and interaction of all processes, and continuously improve the visualization, transparency and information management level of the production site.

At present, the Luyuan Guigang base can roll off an electric vehicle every 30 seconds, with an annual production capacity of over 1.5 million vehicles.

In addition, the off-line area is equipped with a riding- test track to ensure that every finished vehicle goes off the assembly line to pass the ride test to achieve a 100% unpacking pass rate.





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